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About Sky Go
You can now watch channels live on your computer, including Sky Sports and Sky Movies. Experience fantastic viewing on your PC or Mac, with a choice of quality levels to suit your bandwidth. Browse and change channels with our online TV Guide just like on your Sky box.

Watch thousands of hours of TV programmes and movies on demand. There's catch-up TV from Sky1 and the BBC, a great selection from National Geographic Channel, History and others. Plus over 500 great movies, from indies to blockbusters, from Sky Movies and Sky Box Office.

Viewing Sky Go?
You can view Sky Go with a standard VPN connection or also using our revolutionary Smart DNS service.

Get the service?
If you or someone you know subscribes to Sky, you can watch live TV on Sky Player at no additional charge. All other 'none' Sky TV customers can subscribe to watch live TV on Sky Go for as little as £15.00 a month, with no need for additional Sky boxes or installation.


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Name: Sky Go UK VPNUK TV Services - ADMC Sport
Provides: Live TV and Sports
Watch 8 Live Sports channels, TV and Film from Sky Go. If you or someone you know subscribes to Sky, you can watch live TV on Sky Player at no additional charge. All other 'none' Sky TV customers can subscribe to watch live TV on Sky Go for as little as £15.00 a month, with no need for additional Sky boxes or installation.

More Options for watching Live Sport

Watch the F1 Formula 1 grand prix with VPNUK VPN Services


Name: BT Sport VPNUK TV Services - BT Sport
Provides: Live TV and Sports
With BT Sport, you can watch 38 exclusively live Barclays Premier League matches, including 18 top picks. BT Sport is the new home of Aviva Premiership rugby with exclusively live coverage of all 69 live matches in the season until 2016/17. Exclusively live FA Cup matches all the way through the competition, including the final. The full BT Sport line up includes Scottish Premier League and Scottish Football League, UEFA Europa League, football from around the world, including Serie A and Bundesliga, WTA Tennis, Moto GP, Ultimate Fighting Championship and Red Bull Extreme Sports. Don't miss the game when you're on the move. Stream the action to your PC or Mac, or use the BT Sport app to watch it on your tablet or smartphone.


  Shared IP   Shared IP   Shared IP   Dedicated IP   1:1 IP
Users per account   2   4   6   2   1
Monthly Fee   £5.99   £9.99   £14.99   £9.99   £9.99


Multi user access   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes
Static IP   -   -   -   Yes   Yes
Unique IP   -   -   -   Yes   Yes
Dynamic IP   Yes Yes   Yes   - -
Random IP   Yes Yes   Yes   - -
Unlimited bandwidth   Yes Yes   Yes   Yes Yes
Incoming Connections   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes
VPN Locations   17 More info   17 More info   17 More info   3 More info   1 More info
PPTP   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes Yes
L2TP/IPSEC   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes Yes
IKEv2   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes Yes
OpenVPN   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes Yes
VPNUK Web Proxy   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes Yes
VPNUK SmartDNS   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes Yes



VPNUK Account Features & Benefits
Here are some of the reasons why VPNUK are the preferred choice of VPN Service for so many people around the world!
VPNUK Yes You can connect over a wide selection of protocols, PPTP, L2TP, IKEv2, OpenVPN and also through our Smart DNS services.
VPNUK Yes OpenVPN connections are possible over both TCP and UDP using a wide selection of ports.
VPNUK Yes Our Shared IP servers have Dynamic IP Pools which means you do not share your assigned VPN IP.
VPNUK Yes With a Shared IP account you have unlimited, unrestricted access to over 100 servers in 17 countries.
VPNUK Yes All VPNUK accounts allow multi user access, simultaneous logins are permitted from accounts as standard.
VPNUK Yes All servers have a limited number of accounts on them, this ensures there are always plenty of resources available.
VPNUK Yes There are no bandwidth restrictions on any of our servers.
VPNUK Yes We never throttle or restrict connection speeds.
VPNUK Yes The VPNUK service is compatible with BBCiPlayer, Wilmaa, Netflix, All4, SkyGo, Zattoo & many more.
VPNUK Yes We do not track or monitor our clients usage.
VPNUK Yes You are free to cancel your VPNUK account at any time.
VPNUK Yes Expert Live Help and Remote Assistance is available should you have any problems with your VPN service.
VPNUK Yes There are no agreements involved and no contract, the VPNUK service operates on a month by month basis.
About The VPNUK Service
VPNUK offer secure VPN services from any worldwide location to fully dedicated, physical servers located in 17 countries around the world. We currently have servers in the UK, USA, Germany, France, Canada, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Poland, Egypt and Singapore. Our VPN Tunneling services are Fast, Secure and Unmetered. Click here for a full break down of the features and benefits you get from a single VPNUK account.

We offer two types of account at VPNUK, the most popular account is our 'Shared IP' account, this account provides you with a'dynamic' IP address, up to 4 users and unlimited access to all of our servers. The second type of account is the 'Dedicated IP' account, its our business class account providing you with a totally unique, 'Static' IP address that only your account will ever have access to.

A single VPNUK account will give two simultaneous users access to over 100 servers in 17 countries. You can buy an account for your own use or purchase multiple access and share the VPN Account with family or friends located anywhere in the world. You can connect to all of our servers over PPTP, L2TP with IPSEC and OpenVPN. You can also use the innovative VPNUK Smart DNS service on all accounts.
Watch Live TV with VPNUK
Watching FREE TV stations from around the world is easy with VPNUK. With the use of our VPN tunneling service you can log into programs and services offering LIVE high quality streaming media from services including BBCiPlayer, ITV, Channel5, Netflix, Sky Go, All4, Zattoo and many more originalting just from the UK.

Our US based VPN servers will help you watch dozens of channels from the USA including Netflix, FOX, Comedy Central, Universal, NBC, MGM, Sci Fi, E Entertainment and much much more!!

VPNUK have servers based in 17 countries which offers you the chance to have a virtual presence in all of them! You can access all of our servers from a single account from anywhere in the world, instantly. We can give you unlimited, unrestricted access to servers in the UK, USA, Switzerland, Canada, Spain, Italy, France, Netherlands, Egypt, Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, Russia, Singapore, Luxembourg, Poland and Germany whilst you are travelling or spending time overseas! This will give you instant access to geographically restricted services as if you were actually in that country.

Click here to view a hige selection of channels available from each country
More reasons to have a VPNUK account
Here are some more reasons why VPNUK are the preferred choice of VPN Service for so many people!
VPNUK Yes Added Security for all of your internet communications, including hotspot wireless access users!
VPNUK Yes Internet Service Providers are well known for not filtering their network from exploits, a VPN will protect your network!
VPNUK Yes Governments would like to prevent users from enjoying the Internet, with a VPN IP there are no controls, enjoy the internet without restriction!
VPNUK Yes A VPNUK account works from any location, in any country, worldwide!
VPNUK Yes A VPNUK Shared IP account allows up to 4 users from one account!
VPNUK Yes VPNUK offer Free Live Help and support!
VPNUK Yes VPNUK offer Free Remote Support should you have any problems installing!
VPNUK Yes A VPNUK Account will help you bypass ISP blocking for VoIP!
VPNUK Yes Enjoy live TV by bypassing geographical blocks!
VPNUK Yes Receive full anonymity and privacy by hiding your real IP address when online!
VPNUK Yes Private, Secure and High Speed Shared IP and Dedicated IP VPN servers!
VPNUK Security & Privacy Benefits
VPNUK's purpose is providing a secure, private and reliable private connection over the Internet. Our professional VPN provides users with the following benefits:
A VPNUK account will protect data while it's traveling over the internet and wi-fi hotspots. All VPNUK connections offer the highest grade of security through a number of connection types.
A VPNUK account will help you protect your online privacy by hiding your true identity and location. A VPNUK account will be able to assist you in making your online activity private and safe from prying eyes.
A VPNUK account will encrypt all data as its passing over any network. If intruders, including; hackers, crackers, phishers, ISPs or any other third party attempt to capture your data, they will fail.
Once connected to the VPNUK service your online identity will be consealed behind one of our many IP's.
Secure Account Management
Your online security and privacy is the most important aspect of the VPNUK service, we do not cut any corners where our clients online security is concerned and we always ensure you are always in full control of your account. Should you ever need our help and assistance, or if you ever have any questions we will always be here for you, it what defines the VPNUK service and makes us so special, it's also the reason the majority of our clients entrust us with securing their online presence.

In order to offer the most secure and transparent service possible we never directly collect or store any personal information from our clients, we use the services of Paypal, DalPay, Google Wallet and PayZa to handle payments and bill our clients.

Every VPNUK account comes with an advanced Control Panel from where our clients are able to view information like account expiry dates and account login information, as well as other features including monthly invoicing, Partner Program status and SmartDNS service check-in. The control Panel also allows clients to renew expired accounts and change their chosen payment method along with many other useful features.

Click here to join VPNUK and improve your online security today.
Security & Privacy Guaranteed
VPNUK VPN ServicesAll VPNUK servers are configured with at least 128bit security helping to protect all of your online activity. Increasing network security whilst adding encryption and authentication to your networking hotspots. Browse the internet with total security and in complete privacy. READ MORE
High Speed Gigabit Connectivity
VPNUK VPN ServicesVPNUK servers have absoloutely no kind of limitation on usage or speed. We always offer the fastest possible connectivity available working alongside the worlds leading carriers, offering port speeds of up to 1GBPS over multiple protocols including OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP and IKEv2. READ MORE
Secure Account Management
VPNUK VPN ServicesAccount security is very important to us here at VPNUK, all of our users have access to an advanced user control panel. No personal or financial details are ever stored on the VPNUK servers, your data is always secure with VPNUK and your internet connection is always private. READ MORE

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